10,000 Yoga Classes?!

27 Feb


Imagine taking 2,000 Bikram Yoga classes. Well that’s just what our February Student in the Spotlight, Bill Brown, has done!

Bill began his practice in August of 2006. Since then, Bill has practiced in over 70 different studios in 15 different states. Before yoga, he worked out with weights, did cardio, and of course, he golfed! Although he was in great shape, he had suffered injuries earlier in his life that resulted in surgeries on both of his knees and shoulders. Bikram Yoga has really helped to improve those areas that have been operated on.

Besides healing old injuries, the yoga has really helped Bill to detox and keep his health in tip-top condition. In the 6 years that he has been practicing yoga, he has only been sick twice! The yoga has also helped to calm him down. He says, “that’s a big one – don’t let anything steal your peace”.

When asked what advice Bill would give a new student, he says, “Just keep coming as much as you can, the rest will take care of itself.” Well we know Bill is taking his own advice as he informs us that his goal is to take 10,000 classes! He explains, “God willing I should get to 10,000 classes in 2039 when I am 88 years young!!!”


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