July Student of the Month: Dan Barkosky

14 Jul
IMG_3036 (1)
Dan Barkosky has been practicing yoga consistently for about a year and can feel so many benefits from his practice that help him not only in the hot room, but benefits that translate to his everyday life.  Dan says that his job can sometimes be stressful and he often feels very rushed from one thing to the next, he seldom gets the chance to take time for himself.  The yoga helps Dan to relax more and focus from within.  It has also improved his flexibility substantially, he says.  Dan played college hockey back in the day and developed bad scar tissue from several knee injuries, he credits Bikram Yoga to breaking down that scar tissue and substantially improving his range of mobility.
When asked why he chose Bikram Yoga, Dan says, “I had tried other yoga classes but really liked the heat and the holds in Bikram Yoga”.  Dan’s wife is a certified yoga instructor teaching traditional yoga and he has often thought about taking classes.  A friend finally invited him a few years back to try Bikram Yoga.  Dan says “I enjoyed the hot room but due to several knee injuries from sports I didn’t feel flexible enough to continue.  Took me a year to try it again then I was hooked.”
Although it is his most challenging posture, Standing Head to Knee Pose is also his favorite because it gives him a great stretch.  If he had any advice for new beginners Dan says, “hang in there, it becomes much easier as your flexibility improves which can happen in a few short weeks.”
Top 5 benefits of Bikram Yoga:
1)      Reduces Stress
2)      Improving your flexibility really helps reduce you everyday pain from tight muscles old injuries etc.
3)      Helps you stay mentally sharp
4)      Improves your overall help by shedding pounds and overall improving your core strength.
5)      Team environment – Great group of people involved from the instructors to the students.  Also, easier to get to class knowing there will be other people doing the same class with you.

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