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27 Jun

By Linda Scholten June 2016


I recently experienced quite a roller coaster of events and emotions.  I have been a mentor coach for a year-long coaches training program, and we just had their graduation.  What a celebration!  There was transformation, connection, acknowledgment, and enjoyment.  There was also sadness because of an ending and a mixture of hope and fear looking into the future.  Four days later I laid off an employee who had become a dear friend and informed our staff that our business had been sold.  Believe it or not, there was transformation, connection, acknowledgement, and enjoyment.  There was also sadness because of an ending and a mixture of hope and fear looking into the future.


I would never have expected these two diametrically different events to have such striking similarities.   Yet there were.  As it begins, so it ends.  As it ends, so it begins.  This circle of life is full of endings and beginnings.  We get to choose how we experience it.  If you want transformation, celebration and enjoyment, I strongly recommend taking risks, making connections, and serving and acknowledging those you meet along the way.


Without connection, we are a party of one.  If that’s what you want, you can have it.  If connection is what you seek, the fastest way to connect with someone’s soul is through service and acknowledgement.  Both of these are accessed through truly seeing or hearing someone.  Look at that person.  Who do you see?  What do you see?  Think of what would truly serve them (not what you would want).  Serve them.  Acknowledge them.  It is pleasant to get acknowledgement for a job well done, but to truly touch someone, acknowledge them for who they are.  Acknowledge their Being, their Essence.


How many of us are ever truly seen or heard?    There is no greater gift.  There is no cost.  The giver receives as much or more than the receiver.  What do you both get? Transformation, Connection, Acknowledgment and Enjoyment.  Now there’s something to celebrate!


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June Students of the Month

6 Jun

Lory & Marcus Muirhead

Lory and Marcus Muirhead have been practicing at Bikram Yoga AZ since 2014! Before yoga… the Muirheads say their life had “less laundry, showers and a non-insulated water bottle.  Life was good before yoga, but now that we practice consistently we miss it if we don’t make it to a class for a couple of days.  It has truly become part of the daily routine.”

Lory began practicing yoga first, in the summer of 2012 while on vacation in Montana, she says that is where her love for Bikram Yoga began! Due to several busy life events, she stopped for a couple years, picking it back up again in September of 2014 and has been practicing ever since! Marcus says that Lory soon encouraged him to try, “telling me that there we all these “ripped” guys in class and I thought to myself why is my wife hanging around a bunch of ripped guys, I better go check this out.” When it was explained to Marcus that the room was 105 degrees, with 40% humidity he was up for the challenge!  Marcus has been active most of his life playing sports while Lory never really grew up implementing exercise into her daily life. Marcus saw Bikram Yoga as a great challenge and Lory says that, “It was exactly what I needed. Intuitively, I knew I had finally found “my thing.” It was hard. It was uncomfortable. It was awkward. It was perfect.”

The yoga has done a lot for the Muirheads since they began their consistent practice. Marcus says “more than anything it has made me calmer and more relaxed mentally.”  Lory attributes her discipline to the yoga as well as a new sense of strength, both physically and mentally. She feels it has had a ripple effect on the entire family stating, “I feel like I have shown my boys that taking care of your body is so important. They LOVE yoga now, and my 8 year old has even said that he wants to be a yoga teacher. I love that this is something we can do for our entire lives and do it together, as a family.” As for their favorite Bikram Yoga postures, Marcus says he loves the stretch he gets in Back Bend, and says that he used to have back pain but noticed an improvement once he started to consistently practice 3-5 times a week. Lory has a love/hate relationship with Triangle Pose!

If they could give new students any advice, Marcus says, “stay present, breathe and relax” while Lory offers, “give it time. Go all in. Commit to YOU. Be kind to yourself.”


Top 5 tips for new yogis

  1. Stay in the room
  2. Don’t compare yourself to anyone.
  3. Plan your day around your yoga, not your yoga around your day. It makes a difference!
  4. Focus on your breath, it will be your key to getting through a posture and to the next level.
  5. Never give up. This too shall pass.  The discomfort is temporary and you will get through it.


1 Jun

By Scott Mullen

Recently I had the opportunity to represent myself, BYAZ and the State of Arizona at the 2016 Yoga Nationals in Jackson Hole, WY. This would not have been possible without the love and support of my wife, Jen, and kids, Victoria and Patrick. Nor would it have been possible without the teaching and coaching of Nicole Deacon and all the teachers and staff at BYAZ. You are the best, I thank you!!

In class, outside too, there is always talk of us being a yoga family. It is 100% true. Our traveling group from the valley included 50,40,30&20somethings, it had 60 degree temperature changes and snow, it included 3 states and featured thousands of feet of breath-taking elevation change (on the road and in the air). Our journey had shining moments on the stage. It had laughs and cheers, applause and tears. We were fortunate to have shared that together and want to share it again! That is family.

This experience for me also would not have been possible without the generosity and support from all of my classmates at BYAZ. June marks 2.5 years since I began practicing yoga and it’s been done almost always at BYAZ. Knowing I am not alone in class suffering through, and once in a while smiling through, postures keeps me motivated to practice. I’m also motivated knowing I need to be front row at 730 classes on the weekend or I need to be there early to claim that one cool spot at 930 classes on Tue/Fri or 530am classes in the summer are the coolest of the day! My yoga experiences in class have also included laughs and cheers, applause and tears. Thank you for sharing with me, I look forward to many more with the BYAZ family.

Lastly, my individual journey to compete was excellent! The opportunity to be under the spotlight, center stage at the Jackson Hole Performing Arts Center performing six yoga postures that I love, and maybe dislike, to do was amazing. My routine and postures were very good but it wasn’t enough to advance to the semi-finals. Prior to competing I took a 90min hot yoga  class in a local studio with 35 other competitors and 3 locals. It was packed and a really great class. It is ok to know your limits and take a break when needed to regroup! After competing I had the  opportunity to watch Vanessa, Mara and Arynn perform their routines onstage. They were awesome!  There was also a little time to experience Jackson Hole. I highly recommend it!!

Thank you!

Scott Mullen


Student of the Month: Susan Good

17 May


I began practicing Bikram yoga almost 5 years ago.  I began at another studio in Phoenix, but after a year, and moving to north Phoenix, I joined Bikram Yoga Paradise Valley.  On the first day of practice at PV (with Terri as the instructor!) I knew I had found my “home”!  I have been practicing there regularly ever since.

I was an avid runner prior to BY.  I never had any serious injuries running, but it was definitely taking a toll on my body.  I decided it was time to “mix it up” and find a better way to exercise mind and body, while gaining better overall strength

BY was recommended to me by a physician who I work with, who also is a runner.  He said that he had found the combination of running and yoga was a great way to heal the body while also building core strength and gaining better mental balance.  I had some lower back pain as well as “lower butt pain” from running- all better now, and I can run again! I was also experiencing a difficult time in my life, and practicing BY helped me to deal with that stress and move forward.  It worked!!! I’ve met new friends who know how important this yoga is.  I also have achieved  more balance in my life, and have learned to keep things in perspective.

It is the best mind/body/spiritual “exercise” I have ever experienced!

My favorite posture is Rabbit.  I love the way it stretches the entire spine from the neck to the coccyx.   I also really like camel, for the same spine stretching.  Plus, I’m pretty good at those 2!

Susan’s advice to new students: Keep going!!  The first several classes are very challenging, and it would be easy to give up after 1 or  2 times of going.   Soon, as the practice becomes incorporated into one’s life, it would be almost impossible to give it up.

“You can have anything you want, but you can’t have everything.   Be happy with the choices you have made and  live life to the fullest.”

Top 5 things I love about BY

1.  The hot , sweaty classes where everybody looks like the same “drowned rat” by the end

2. The amazing instructors, and their humor, wisdom, and encouragement

3.  The  events such as Yoga in the Park andThe Holiday Party

4. The way the classes are all the same, yet each one is different

5.  The way I feel during and after every class!!

Be the Change…

26 Apr

By Linda Scholten April 2016

change world

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”. This saying has been attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, although documentation seems to show that someone, somewhere along the way took something Gandhi said and abbreviated it into this soundbite. Never-the-less, the saying has meaning in the sound bite world of 2016.

Ever since I knew I was going to be writing on this saying, I have been mulling it over in my mind.

The first word that jumps out to me is “BE”. If I wish to see change – I need to be consistent with and congruent with that change. I must live it, embody it. I must BE it. It must be part of my BE-ing. Let’s say I wish to see peace in the world, I must BE peace. As long as there is ‘war’ or conflict in me, or between me and my neighbor (aka anyone in my life or whom I encounter) there is no peace. This includes the driver who cut me off in traffic, the mass murderer I judge, the politician I abhor, the co-worker who irritates me, the lover who betrayed me…. How can I expect 7+ billion people to accomplish what I on my own, have not been able to master? So, as the song says, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.” I could argue that it both begins and ends with me. At least my peace does.

So let’s say I master peace in my life. And let’s further assume I didn’t have to isolate myself on a mountain top to accomplish it. I can even maintain the peace. Now what? This takes us to the second word that jumps out of the saying – “CHANGE”. What change do I wish to BE, to see? What change do YOU wish to see? Be? For the change I envision, I am the change-agent. There was already a Mahatma Gandhi, a Martin Luther King, a Rosa Parks, a Mother Theresa.

The position for me to fill, is my own. For this, I am the only one who can be it. I am the only one who can do it. Take action based on my BE-ing. This is arguably the most powerful thing we can do in this world – take action from our BE-ing. What action should I take? What action do I feel called to take? How about you? Are you willing to DO what it takes, from BE-ing, to see your change through? Am I?

The third word that jumps out for me is “WORLD”. This word speaks to tangible results – in the world. It speaks to community – local or global – all the people whose names I mentioned made massive changes in the world and had community committed to change. While it took one to spark the flame, it took many to maintain it. What is your action? Who are your ‘peeps’, your supporters?

Be the change you wish to see in the world. Here’s another way to say this:

Insight + Action = Results

Insight alone won’t make change. Action alone won’t make change. You need both the insight plus the action – the being and the doing. Then you have a chance to change YOUR world and maybe even THE world!


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Hot Yoga and YOU!

5 Apr

Bikram Yoga and how it has changed my life on every level!


Practicing Bikram Yoga is something I’ve been doing for almost a decade. And I can’t express enough how it’s transformed my life. Thanks goes out to my wife Kelley for getting me to go!

First, I want to describe the difference between Bikram Yoga and other forms of yoga. Bikram yoga is the “original” hot yoga. It’s 26-posture series is practiced in a heated room making it distinct from other forms of yoga.

The first days starting a hot yoga practice can be challenging as was the case for me. It’s during this time I noticed a real transformation begin. They say in Bikram yoga to jump into the fire while in the studio so you don’t have to in the real world. It’s sure nice to have when you need it.

What I’ve gained in the studio has had a direct relationship with how I handle tough situations in real life. Anything that works often times doesn’t come easy. However, in my opinion it’s well worth it because there’s no substitute for putting in the effort.

What I’ve really enjoyed is the way this type of yoga improves my mood. Plus, I’m eating healthier with less food and spiritually I’m more centered. I think of the soul as important as any organ in the body. It may not show up on an x-ray, but without it we are hollow inside.

If you’re interested in getting yourself ready for summer, then the benefits are great! I’m much more likely to go to the beach or a pool party because I feel good and look good too. Nothing should ever get in the way of celebrating life and all it has to offer.

I’d like to take a moment to give a quick plug to where I practice. They are really phenomenal people and business owners who care about the community. I’m very grateful for the ability to practice there.

Their goal is to “provide a challenging workout for all levels while providing a healing place for all walks of life.” “Their attentive yoga instructors are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals; whatever they might be!” They help everyone equally which is really awesome.

What experiences have you had with Bikram yoga? Leave a comment about your yoga practice or what happened after trying hot yoga out? We learn through each other and I’m always looking to learn new ways to do the things I love. After all, finding the right people who support you is a proven formula for success!


29 Mar

By Linda Scholten

Re-new-al. The word itself implies that it is referring, not to something that is new-new, but to something that is re-new. I would like to play with the thought that in order for something to be re-newed, something has to die. I see beautiful evidence of this all around me at this time of year. From the dead or dormant phase of plants or trees in winter, come beautiful flowers, leaves, buds in the Spring.

For me to be renewed, what has to die, or at least fall away? Thoughts and beliefs that are harmful, judgmental, or simply no longer serve me. For new thoughts, beliefs or simply an open, expansive, not knowing mind to exist, these old thoughts need to loosen their grip.

Think about this for a moment. What thought or belief do you have that holds you back? Notice I didn’t say do you have a thought or belief that holds you back, because we all have them. Think about one thought or belief. Here’s a few of mine: I’m too fat, I’m not good enough. Or the thought could be about another: He doesn’t love me, or she doesn’t respect me, or he drinks too much.

How can you stop thinking that thought? This is a good news, bad news situation. The bad news is you can’t stop thinking that thought (i.e don’t think about a pink elephant). The good news is, that by questioning the thought, you can loosen its grip on you. So how do you question a thought? For this, I will refer to “The Work” by Byron Katie, which in its simplest form, consists of 4 questions and turning the thought around.  Growth concept

I’ll work through an example for you. The belief I’ll use is “I’m not good enough’.

  1. Q: Is it true? A: Yes
  2. Q: Can you absolutely know that it’s true? A: Well no, I’m good enough for some things.
  3. Q: How do you react, what happens when you believe that thought? A: I feel depressed, like a victim, less than, I feel defeated, hunched over, sad.
  4. Q: Who would you be without the thought? A: I feel lighter, more confident, able, my chest opens up and I am holding my head higher, I can think more clearly.

Now turn the original thought around: ‘I’m not good enough’ can get turned around to ‘I am good enough’, and give 3 genuine examples of how this is true.

  1. I have been married for 25 years – I’m good enough to be a wife!
  2. I have been the director of an agency for 16 years – I’m good enough to do that!
  3. I have good friends – I am good enough to be a great friend!

This is ‘The Work’ at its simplest. So many of the thoughts and beliefs we stubbornly hold on to that limit our selves, or our lives, or our relationships, when looked at, simply aren’t true. By questioning them, the old thoughts begin to lose their grip, leaving room for thoughts that are as true or truer than the original thought.

This is renewal, a dying off of the old, so we can be re-newed. I love how this is so beautifully and simply expressed in this line from ‘The Rose’, by Bette Midler:

“…Just remember in the winter far beneath the bitter snow, Lies the seed that with the sun’s love, in the spring becomes the rose.”


For support in facilitating ‘The Work’ for you, please contact me, Linda Scholten, at

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